Experience Aquasan, the flagship brand of Gulf Shores Company, where Kuwait’s unmatched craftsmanship meets innovative sanitary solutions. Transforming homes into havens of elegance since 1989, our products reflect our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and superior design.

As Kuwait’s sole sanitary ware factory, we’ve installed over 500,000 bathrooms and exported our products to over 20 countries.

Our 65,000 square meter facility in Mina Abdullah combines craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability to create standout sanitary solutions. Our designs are not only beautiful and durable, but they also reduce water consumption by up to 57%.

Every Aquasan product is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, blending functionality with aesthetics. We strictly adhere to the British Standards Institution (BSI) guidelines, and our products carry the prestigious Kuwait Standards Quality Mark, Saudi Standard Quality Mark (SASO), and are approved by all ministries in Kuwait.

Our dedication to using top-grade components is reflected in the integration of the globally renowned Geberit flushing mechanism in our products.

Aquasan goes beyond just being a brand; it symbolizes our ambition to redefine industry standards and transform homes into havens of elegance. Backed by a 20-year guarantee, our products and exceptional customer service reflect our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

As we continue our journey, we stay true to our founding principles, aiming to raise the bar and offer unparalleled sanitary solutions.

Experience Aquasan – where quality meets innovation, and elegance becomes a way of life.


Like you have trusted our products for 34 years, 

Almanzil is a new idea from Aquasan group that will make you finish your home correctly.

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